Saturday, September 1, 2012

One of those bizarro weeks

Saturday September 1, 3:45 p.m.

Just haven't had any time to blog here for the past number of days. I had that huge translation assignment which I finally got done with 3 days to spare. Translating tax returns is just as onerous as actually filling them out....except with the former, I will actually earn money. I've already got a less epic assignment but I've decided to not touch that one until Labour Day.

Newswise, it's been one for the year. The police caught the psychopath ex-boyfriend who had killed and chopped up that poor woman a few weeks ago. But now, it seems as if the GTA has started seeing body parts everywhere. A woman's torso popped up in the Niagara River a few nights ago. And even out west in Victoria, BC, shoes with a certain meat-like substance inside them also been washing ashore; methinks that's probably a hoax since similar things had occurred  across the bay in Vancouver a few years ago.

Then, it was seeing a wizened Clint Eastwood doing some unfunny Vaudevillian bit with an empty chair at the Republican National Convention. Man, I didn't think anything could make Dirty Harry look uncool. It almost looked like Clint was channeling Foster Brooks. And he looked OLD! Even in his most recent movies, Clint had that residual steel glint in his eye which could still make people sit up straight, but up on the podium there on Thursday night, he looked more like that doddering family uncle who the relatives humoured on Thanksgiving Day. Still, Jay, Bill, David, Jon and the rest of the late-night gang must've popped champagne corks on seeing all this play out.

Had a teaching gig in the morning yesterday. Basically, only half the class showed up....being the Friday before the long weekend can take the winds out of any student's sails. I just did a stand-up routine and presented the material that the regular teacher had given me. I've also got a full-day deal on Tuesday. But until then, I've got one more Ribfest to attend with The Anime King and his crew tomorrow out in Burlington. My last chance to zestfully enjoy food before my doctor lowers the boom on me; he asked me to come in next Saturday to discuss the findings from my checkup the week before. I'm sure he saw blood platelets the shape of Krispy Kreme donuts.

Well, September is indeed here. More comfy than yesterday's steam bath. Looking forward to my first Fall in Toronto in 17 years.