Saturday, September 8, 2012

The Verdict on my Health

Saturday September 8, 2:31 p.m.

Well, I waited as humbly as I could in the waiting room of my family doctor. He was pretty busy today. I had to wait an extra half-hour past my scheduled appointment time as he had to take care of three more patients ahead of me. When I finally got in, the diagnosis wasn't too bad. To noone's surprise, my cholesterol was up there but still low enough so that I wouldn't need the drugs to control the situation which had been my biggest fear. However, he did tell me it was time to start altering that foodie lifestyle of mine. Don't touch the red meat as much anymore, tilt towards the white meat of chicken and fish (although I had to stay away from the chicken skin...which did hurt), and take it easy on the eggs and dessert and dairy.

To be honest, my diet at home had already been in that mode since my mother has been watching my father like a hawk with his diet. So, really, the main thing is about how I handle my lunch whenever I'm outside, how I deal with my biweekly outings with The Anime King, and the dreaded "E" word: exercise. The doc was quite kind to me, though. He just recommended a brisk hour of activity every other day. There are other doctors who probably would've taken a more "Billy's Boot Camp"approach to my case.

TIFF is currently on Day 3. Saw folks like David Spade, Adam Sandler and Johnny Depp walking the line on CP24. Even Jackie Crandles looked somewhat starstruck. And this is gonna continue for another 8 days. It's been quietly amazing at how downtown Toronto has become the hunting grounds for celebstalkers. Heck, even Elton John is in town. At the rate that the Hollywood elite are just flying in, I may not even have to head into Yorkville or King West to bump into a star.