Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Thumbs-Up and Club Day

Easy to remember....think the Fonz!

Mine....all mine!
Wednesday September 12, 11:51 a.m.

Yesterday, I continued on my new regimen of walking briskly for an hour every other day. But I took it downtown. And there was a stopover for lunch in Koreatown. I had been hoping that there would be some of those special food trucks in front of the Hot Docs theatre where some of the TIFF movies were showing. But no such luck, or they were more of a nightly thing. Still, I had the backup in the form of the Thumbs-Up Eatery.

For $6, this is what I could get...and what I've been getting for most of the times I've gone there with Shard. A nice heaping of Pork Kimchi and Rice with complementary kimchi, sprouts and pickled cabbage. Yup, this is what one can get for less than $10 even in Toronto....and it doesn't come with fries. The kimchi in the main dish was slightly sweeter. I'm more for totally savory kimchi but still, this is the dish that I usually order when I come to Thumbs-Up.

Hot Docs
This was the scene at the Hot Docs on my way into Koreatown. Yup, quite a lineup even in the morning. TIFF is starting to wind down according to the photos showing celebs heading out from Pearson. For the last leg of my walk, I ended up going past the Bell Lightbox once again, and the feeling was a lot less exciting than it was almost a week prior.

Et tu, Chicken Parmagiana?

Afterwards, I decided to veer into University of Toronto. The St. George Campus is always a good area for a walk. However, I was unaware that Club Day was going on. In my day, all of the clubs would be inside the atrium of Sid Smith, but this time everyone was outside on a closed-off St. George St. (I'm sure drivers were mouthing off at the MPP in the area). A lot of kids were strolling through the area browsing the various clubs and associations. And of course, where there are kids, there are food trucks. And boy, these trucks are getting more decoratively elaborate. No wonder the prices for food are going up!
 Still, despite any rancor from the drivers not being able to go down St. George, it's a good idea to have this sort of festival atmosphere for a Club Day. It was the perfect weather and a lot more logical for clubs to get tons more space to recruit frosh.

Heck, these clubs are really getting more specific! I wonder if Hart House will rent equipment from Janitorial Services for this club.