Saturday, September 15, 2012

Finally get to cook!

Saturday September 15, 3:42 p.m.

Hard to believe that we're already at the midpoint of September. It's feeling a little closer to Fall now....not one to complain, especially when my old home is still blazing away and going through a water crisis.

Just by myself since the parentals are out at some big party with their fellow Japanese-Canadians. So, for the first time in several months, I will be able to cook something up by myself. Usually, my mother always had something bought like a steak so that I can just throw it into the pan, but I guess after my health check, she doesn't want to give me any more red meat. And since I don't want to add any complications myself, after my hour of walking, I hit the supermarket...just 5 minutes' walk away...and bought some boneless (and skinless) chicken fillets, a jar of kimchi and bread. I'll be making my old favourite from my Ichikawa days, the Open-Faced Kimchi Chicken Sandwich. My parents may be wondering about the smell afterwards, though.

Basically finished my most recent translation assignment. Once again, I got slagged for one of the other ones for not paying attention to the client's boss did warn me that my progression into the realm of professional translator wouldn't be too easy. Ehn! I'll just slog and learn.

My sister-in-law has her birthday tomorrow. My brother was asking me if I knew of any good places around the neighbourhood. It looks like our usual to-go place, Zen in Scarberia, is closed on Sundays. If worse comes to worse, there is always Swiss Chalet. Yup, plenty greasy and with a ton of that BBQ skin....but hey, the doc did say that I can ease myself into the new lifestyle.

Looks like we'll have another NHL strike at midnight. It's been said that this will turn fans off of hockey. I say that the Toronto Maple Leafs did that to me long ago.