Monday, July 16, 2012

Anime and Foodiesm for Sunday

 Monday July 16, 9:20 p.m.

Let's get the foodie part out of the way. The Anime King and I hit Bamiyan across from East York Marketplace for the 2nd time for a nice round of hearty fare. It was a whole lot crowded during the dinner hour than when we had gone there for the first time at around opening time. Still, I got a goodly amount of Tandoori Chicken with a ton of rice, naan and salad. Yup, I paid for my sins later that night.

Earlier in the day, The King took me to Yogi Noodle in one of the Chinese malls in Scarborough....the one with Foody Mart. Had a good bowl of Shrimp Dumpling Soup with a glass of Soybean Milk.

In the middle of the day, we also went to our usual Second Cup for coffee and dessert. Our server suggested the Milky Way Cake. I didn't realize that this was a cake based on the famously sweet chocolate bar. I got hit with a major wedge of diabetic killer cake. Gonna have to be careful next time. At about the time we were in the coffee shop, the thunderstorm that just deluged Toronto hit us. When we got out to the car, it was on the "shore" of a major lake that had formed in the parking lot.  The King was wearing his sandals so he was OK with the wading, but I had to wait several metres away while his car swam back up to shore.

As for the anime segment, nothing new. We had a good discussion on "Madoka Magica"now that I've seen all of it. Basically, I see it as "Sailor Moon"with "Dark Knight"atmosphere. Of course, we caught ourselves up on "Smile Precure"...they had the trilogy of those extra-special episodes where all the characters are super-serious as they try to rescue one of their own and finally have the big showdown with all of the monsters. "Bodacious Space Pirates"is another keeper that has been growing on me with every episode. The King told me that the project had started out as a low-budget bottom-dwelling member of the totem pole but the right people took the right interest in it, and it's now getting its due. Even I would be tempted to buy the set if I ever get back to Japan again. I know I can always get it via Amazon but there's something about buying it in the home country.