Monday, July 9, 2012

Goodbye Ernest and Anthony

courtesy of Jimmybigpotatoes II
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Tuesday July 9, 8:37 p.m.

Along with Andy Griffith, we lost another old TV icon from the 60s. I heard about the passing of Ernest Borgnine yesterday. He was probably one of the most famous and wide-ranging character actors that ever was. He could play rough-but-lovable folks that you could see yourself having a drink with, and he could play the meanest bastards. He was Quinton McHale (McHale's Navy) and Dom Santini (Airwolf)...and of course, he was Marty Piletti...the starring role that got him his Oscar back in 1955.

He may have had a wide range of characters but with those sparkling eyes, bushy eyebrows and gap-toothed smile, I can only see him as a teddy bear. He had a good long life, and I'm hoping that he and Andy are having that drink right now somewhere.

courtesy of John Biehler
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The passing of Anthony Sedlak was a shock. He was only 29. Whenever I returned from Japan for the Holidays, I often voraciously watched The Food Network, and Sedlak's "The Main"was one of the shows that I caught in the morning. Like most of TFN's hosts, he was a very amiable and welcoming fellow in his kitchen, enthusiastically making all sorts of dishes. The one thing that stood out to me about him was his accent. I couldn't quite place it....was he from New York, New Jersey or New...foundland? As it turned out, he grew up in North Vancouver. I would've loved to have been one of his guests at a home party.

Wherever Andy and Ernest are, I hope Anthony is whipping up a fine meal to go with their drinks.