Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Getting Things Done

Wednesday July 18, 3:32 p.m.

I've yet to hear from my boss about that translation I spent a few days on. I'm gonna assume that no news is good news. The editing thing went OK although the article was chock-filled with technobabble to the extent that I couldn't even begin to penetrate whether the translator did a perfect job with it. But the English translation was certainly fine....just a very few grammar hitches. In any case, he needs it tomorrow but I can pretty much send it back to him by tonight if he wants.

The weather is a good 8 degrees lower than during yesterday's record-breaking steam bath of a day. Still, the humidity is out there so my T-shirt is still clinging like a cheap cologne. I've kept things inside once again, but I wanna see if I can catch "The Amazing Spiderman" tomorrow with that free pass The Egg gave me.

Speaking of movies, "The Dark Knight Rises", just like its predecessor, seems to be getting rave reviews from the critics just before its unleashing into the general public on Friday. And the general public ended up going crazy about the 2008 movie. And here we thought that "The Avengers"was gonna be a danger to Chris Nolan's final entry into his magnum opus trilogy. Now this movie could be the one to beat in the blockbuster sweepstakes.