Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Into July

Wednesday July 4, 10:29 a.m.

After the massive binging of Canada Day with The Anime Court's visit to Toronto's Ribfest and then my brother's BBQ later on that day, the 2nd was relatively light. I met up with The Dancer and her husband for lunch downtown. We were supposed to have met at this mozzarella bar called Obika since they made an online reservation. However, Obika screwed up by accepting it while the restaurant stayed resolutely closed. No problems....we just went over to another very pleasant al fresco restaurant for lunch and served by a perkily pretty waitress who had a glancing resemblance to Taylor Swift and Flo the Progressive Insurance lady. Splurged a bit on a Cucumber Sangria....very refreshing.

After lunch, while the husband had to take off for a bit of work, my old friend and I did the usual 2-hour walk up Yonge St. all the way to Eglinton. We saw a couple of crazy women screaming abuse at anyone who would listen....south of Bloor, of course....and then one young female scammer near Davisville tried to give us a sob story to relieve us of some coins. She wasn't even trying to act....just rattled off some of her story like a robot before we quickly turned away and up. She yelled some mild epithet at us as we walked off.

Yesterday, I had one sub stint for the morning class. Not the greatest execution though most of the students were nice enough. Motivation levels amongst the students varied somewhat, though. Once again, there was a curveball thrown by having two new students come in, though, the current session was already halfway through. Not a huge fan of that policy by any means...and it's officially not supposed to happen, but as one veteran teacher mentioned to me, business is business. If one student wants to start ASAP, the management will not disagree.

Luckily, today will be an off day. I have a monthly meeting tomorrow there but that will be it. I'm wondering whether to catch "The Amazing Spiderman" but with the kids off for summer vacation, I'm considering whether to just wait for it on DVD. Plus, I still feel burned by the last one.