Monday, July 23, 2012

Another roaster of a day

Monday July 23, 9:51 a.m.

Yup, it'll be another sweatbath in the GTA. I think it's going up to about 35 degrees again with a 44-degree Humidex. Kinda wonder how the electricity grid is gonna hold up today...I wouldn't be surprised if there were a few brownouts.

Usually at this time, I would be teaching somewhere in the school for the morning, but one of the staffers sent e-mail a few days ago giving me notice that I wouldn't be needed. I checked my inbox; no sign of the translator boss either. Kinda nice being in Limbo.

I checked out the Fan Expo website. It's gonna be held down at the Metro Toronto Convention Centre from August 22-26. Of course, I totally overestimated the ticket pricing. Having thought the prices would be over a hundred bucks for the day, I found out that they're actually only hovering around the $30 mark. Even an unlimited access pass for all 4 days is just $95. Heck, I can handle that. I've sent word to The Dancer and she'll give me the go-word.

There is the special Unlimited Access to Patrick Stewart Pass....for a pittance of $299. He comes to our fair city on Sunday. As much as I would love to meet Captain Picard/Professor X in the flesh, paying that much moolah just seems a bit too extravagant for me. And most likely, if I actually bought the pass, I'd end up a gibberish-spouting wreck. I kinda wonder how the man himself feels about doing these special privileges for the fans. Does he genuinely feel happy about meeting these well-to-do Trekkies or does he go through the motions like at any other job?