Monday, July 16, 2012

Hitting the Restaurants

Monday July 16, 8:55 p.m.

Man, weather in both Japan and Toronto have been reaching parity recently. Both have been getting the high temps, and just over the last few days, both have been getting the downpours. Gonna be reaching 35 degrees tomorrow here in the GTA, and that's not including the Humidex which should put us over the 40-degree mark easily. Luckily, I don't plan on going anywhere.

Ravi Soups
Last Thursday, I met up with an old friend of nearly 40 years' standing from my Japanese Language School days. A couple of his kendo buddies suggested Ravi Soups down on Adelaide St. So we decided to check it out. Always game for a good bowl.

The two of us discussed the possibility of getting some sort of reunion of our old class from Japanese Language School. I did a bit of preliminary search via bites there.

Patio in the back

Soup and Wrap Deal for $10.95
As would be imagined for a restaurant that specializes in soups, Ravi Soups wasn't exactly the biggest place but there was space enough for a large wooden communal table. But my friend and I opted for the backyard patio since the weather was so good.

I went for the Soup & Wrap deal...which was quite a good deal. I got the Porcini Mushroom Soup and a Free Range Chicken in a zesty spicy sauce with lots of veggies all folded into a wrap. The soup also had plenty of richness and heft with the mushrooms just screaming its flavor out. The wrap was very generous as well...had to be careful since the sauce was just gushing out of the pocket. But it's been my policy that if one's not willing to get one's hands dirty when enjoying food, then food is not worth enjoying. Then again, I wouldn't boil beef with my bare hands.

Where's the paper umbrella?

The next day, I met up with another old friend and his family at The Olde York, that fish & chips joint that I've been to with The Anime Court and CG at separate times. He's from the ol' hometown but has been living happily with his wife and daughter for the past several years in Vancouver. Of course, it was the Hake Fish n' Chips but I opted for dessert as well. I've always wanted a Sherry Trifle, and got it in the form that was very kid-attractive. Mind you, I could taste the sherry very keenly, so I'm not sure if the kids would've been walking too straight after ingesting or imbibing it.