Thursday, July 5, 2012

Came for the meeting, stayed for the donuts

Thursday July 5, 3:51 p.m.

I went down for the monthly meeting at the school although I am just a substitute teacher, and therefore pretty much exempt or ineligible to follow out the procedures that the highers-up were talking about on the agenda.

And as it turned out, my one hour downtown was worthwhile just for the blueberry jam-filled Dutchie provided via the free Tim Horton's donuts. There were just too many teachers crammed into a large room, with the two staffers seeming to just address the teachers in the front half of the room. I was in the back with a bunch of fairly jaded instructors just kinda looking in more than actually participating. Kinda obvious thing for me to suggest but I think everyone would've been served better if each staffer had taken one half of the teachers in two separate classrooms; there were plenty of vacant classrooms.

At least the Pennsylvania Dutchie was delicious. And I got another gig subbing next week.