Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Hot Tuesday

Tuesday July 31, 11:43 a.m.

I guess as an end of July would be like, it's hot and humid out there once again. Had a Facebook chat with Movie Buddy in Japan, though. He said it's been absolutely stifling out there everyday for the past few weeks. Certainly, NHK has been leading off a lot of its news broadcasts with the searing weather. Rather glad that I'm here where at least, the nights are still pretty sane, temperature-wise. We also talked on "The Dark Knight Rises". He's already seen it and is pretty satisfied. That's a good sign since he was usually the more critical out of our movie-watching tandem.

I got a call from the teacher I'll be subbing for tomorrow. Yep, he seems to have become a fan of mine...something that he let me know during the phone. Apparently, I left a very good impression on all of his classes when I taught them a couple of months ago; it's good to hear since I couldn't really detect any sort of feeling from those classes. I'm obviously grateful for the feedback since I've been under the impression that for at least a couple of the other regular teachers, I wasn't exactly the most impressive supply teacher. I just simply have my own way and pace of doing things, and as long as the students are happy, I'm happy.

The Anime Chamberlain and I confirmed up plans for dinner tonight. We may be going to a dumpling place out in Scarberia...hopefully in a not-too-dangerous area. The Dragon will be joining us, too, but not The Anime King. The Chamberlain simply mentioned that The King was too tied up with work when he called him up; I'm wondering if The King bit his tongue really hard while talking to his former comrade.