Friday, July 20, 2012

Sunset Grill & Spiderman

The branch on Yonge & Eglinton
Saturday July 21, 12:28 a.m.

Several hours after the horrible events in Aurora, Colorado, I still decided on going to Silver City to catch "The Amazing Spiderman". The only surprising thing is that Mom didn't get on my case about going to a dangerous movie theatre.

Heading to Yonge & Eglinton made for a good excuse to have lunch at The Sunset Grill nearby. I'm always open for a good mess of Corned Beef Hash and Sausages.

Mmmm-mmmmmm good!
My waitress wasn't exactly the friendliest for some reason, but luckily she wasn't the only one serving me. My dish was served by a much nicer lady. In any case, here is the Corned Beef Hash plate with potatoes and scrambled eggs. Had two slices of toast with butter and jam on the side. Yep, that was more than enough for me.

Sausages...must have!
The thing was, I also needed my sausages. It's almost an addiction whenever I go to these all-day breakfast places. I just gotta have my reconstituted pork or I'm not satisfied. However, all those extra calories threatened to stuff my stomach a bit too much. But I survived the time, though, I'll order coffee instead of Pepsi.

But I figure that The Wild Guy, The Egg, Automan and myself will be coming here sometime in the next few weeks for a guy-to-guy chowdown, so at least I'll pick something else from the menu.

Yep, things were quiet...
Got my ticket...well, actually, I finally used that free pass that The Egg had given me back in December. I still had to pay the $3 for the 3-D glasses. But with "The Dark Knight Rises"out in theatres as of yesterday, there was no problem in getting to see that other superhero movie. In fact, my theatre was absolutely empty for several minutes. But when I thought that I would end up watching Peter Parker all by myself, a handful of young folk came in. It still felt very much like I had my own giant home theatre, though.

"Spiderman, Spiderman
....does whatever a franchise can.."
Well, two and a half weeks after it came out here, and a full month after it had come out in Japan, I got to see "The Amazing Spiderman"....although "The Adequate Spiderman"should've been the title. After getting home and onto the Net, I talked with Movie Buddy about it and checked some of the other reviews. And we were of the opinion that it was just simply too soon to start over again.

There was this sense of malaise that came over me on seeing the new Peter Parker get bitten again, the new Ben Parker get shot and killed again, and the new May Parker eternally worrying about her nephew again. And though I thought that Andrew Garfield and Emma Stone had real chemistry (which they have translated into a real romance...for the next few months, at least), there was still that nagging feeling that the franchise should've gone fallow for another number of years before trying again. Well, the movie has made half a billion bucks, so the sequel is a foregone conclusion. I just hope that the producers-that-be will not fish out The Green Goblin or Doctor Octopus again. Let's try to make that part completely new, shall we? Perhaps Mysterio or The Scorpion or even Rhino. Heck, even The Vulture would be welcome, although I think Patrick Stewart is now just a bit too long in the tooth.