Sunday, July 8, 2012

Reunion of Sorts

Sunday July 8, 10:42 p.m.

There were a lot of things going on in the GTA. A couple of street festivals and the Honda Indy by the lakeshore. But for me, I just went up north to meet The Anime Chamberlain for the first time in a few months. He had some sort of Japanese drama viewing with several folks in the afternoon. Since I developed an allergy against J-Dramas several years ago (with the exception of Ume-chan Sensei recently on NHK), I wasn't willing to sit in on the viewing but The Chamberlain was nice enough to engage me in conversation for a couple of hours. He was still his opinionated self, but he kept the indignant surprises to himself which I appreciated. It was a good talk, and one of the topics we covered was the upcoming Fan Expo in August at the Metro Toronto Convention Centre. The Dancer and her husband first brought up the possibility of going there, so I'm intrigued although I'm not too interested in waiting 3 hours to get into the place or paying a ton of money just to get an autograph from Sir Patrick Stewart.

Got some calls tonight from The Anime King himself and an old friend, The Brain. I told The King about my visit to see The Chamberlain. He took the news amiably but told me that he was still pissed off at him. In any case, it looks like next Sunday will be a go for another foodie-and-anime session. As for The Brain, I knew him about a couple of decades ago back at U of T. Like The Anime Chamberlain, he has his somewhat arrogant and brusque side but I've been able to survive his slings and arrows, and perhaps being a family man may have mellowed him a bit. In any case, I will be seeing him on Friday for lunch.

I've basically got my first translation assignment done for that small company. And I sent my new boss a set of questions about certain parts that I wasn't sure about...standard operating procedure in a project.