Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Another Anime King Foodie Day, Part 2

Wednesday March 28, 4:00 p.m.

After the fire and brimstone of Pakwanchi in the late morning, and then a stopover at Second Cup for a coffee and danish, The King and I had a few hours of watching anime at his place before The Anime Rook came by. Then the three of us headed for the second part of the Foodie day: All Star Wings and Ribs. Yup, we do not skimp on the calories. It was a 20-minute drive up to the branch in Markham.

 Of course, there was that sports bar vibe inside. A lot of these pennants and flatpanels showing various sports going on: a hockey game and a March Madness basketball game.
 Lots of sauce to choose from. It would take years to go through them all if one went monthly. It would therefore take weeks if one went daily...and it would take your life, that is.
My choice was the Creole BBQ up above. I only chose the medium-level of heat since my stomach had gone through the Pakistani curry at Pakwanchi. But my tummy generously held off on any major rumblings during my time at All Star. The King and Rook ordered Cheese and Orange respectively. We did a lot of the end, we couldn't really tell what we were eating. I'm just glad we held off on any fries.

Hopefully, the celery helped to bring some fibre into our diets.