Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Boston Cream Pie

courtesy of aktse
of Flickr
Tuesday March 20, 10:41 p.m.

Yeah, perhaps I'm being a bit cheeky with the "Disaster"tag, but there's no other way to describe what happened last night between the Bruins and the Leafs. And I thought I was having some bad days. Newspapers probably had a field night thinking up of the headlines for this massacre (for the record....Boston 8, Toronto 0): Boston is the Final Nail in Leafs' Coffin", "Bruins Play with Their Food Before Mauling Them", "Leafs Fall on the Last Day of Winter".

I didn't exactly watch the game. My back was turned to the TV, but I just kept hearing "Score!"and names that I was not familiar with. I swear I thought I was getting bathed in the red light all night! The commentators just had to chuckle in rueful wonder at this slapstick by one-half of the participants. If there could be a final punctuation period to wrap up the report on this sad season, last night's game was it. I don't think even the most optimistic of citizens in the Leaf Nation can deny it now. The Leafs are going golfing in 2 weeks.

And what's worse...they have to face the Islanders tonight at the ACC.