Friday, March 30, 2012

A, A Nickel for Your Thoughts?

courtesy of Roger Cullman
of Flickr

Yes, usually that would be cited as one of Sheldon Cooper's catchphrases along with "Bazinga"on "The Big Bang Theory". It will also most likely be something that every Canadian may be saying from Fall 2012 onwards. The news came out that the copper-coloured coin will no longer be made by the Canadian Mint because it costs over 50% more than it's worth. Stopping its production will save Canada $11 million a year supposedly. Not that it will be greatly missed since most people hate to scrounge for pennies that won't buy anything at all these days. By that token (no pun intended), the nickel ought to be shivering in its silver-coloured boots as well.

But it will be interesting what life will be like between vendor and vendee once a penny-less (again, no pun intended) Canada begins. What is left, and there will be a lot of used pennies moving around for a while yet, will get dirtier and dirtier or they will get thrown into a lot of wishing wells and fountains. But what's more, when that time comes when either vendor or vendee doesn't have any of the coppers, then it will be time for the Great Canadian Round-Up. Or Round-Down. It'll be like the commercial version of Rock-Paper-Scissors-Lizard-Spock!

In my localized world, I'll have to start warning any former students from Japan who ever plan to visit Toronto that there will be no pennies to make change with. They should start saving them so that they can tell their grandkids someday that there used to be orange-coloured coins in Canada.

I guess I ought to be looking for the oldest-minted penny I have and wrap it my 500-yen bill that I have somewhere in my room. The 500-yen bill was long abandoned for the coin version.