Tuesday, March 27, 2012


Tuesday March 20, 12:39 p.m.

The last couple of days have been fairly interesting. My sister-in-law sent me an address for this opportunity of a lifetime for a foodie out in Vancouver. Apparently, the city of Richmond B.C. has sent out an all-points bulletin to anyone on the planet who would be willing to live there for an entire year and blog about 365 restaurants with photos and video (http://365daysofdining.com/), and it's a paid position of $50,000...which is far more than I ever made per year as a teacher in Japan. I must admit that it's rather tempting, but it would mean uprooting myself once more, and frankly speaking, I'm not sure if I'm up to that anymore. Plus, it's like the JET Programme...rounds of interviews and eliminations. Still, I'm thinking about it. I've come across a couple of folks who are really trying hard to get that position...they've already got the blogs and video.

The other tip was from Shard. There's some communications company based right here which is looking for freelancers like to me to talk on stuff related to Toronto: fashion, movies, FOOD. And since I am a foodie, I think I have a better chance there. Not sure how this would work but I'm going for anything I can that doesn't involve digging ditches or selling life insurance.