Friday, March 9, 2012

Asian Supermarkets

The Skunk of Fruits
 Friday March 9, 10:38 a.m.

Yesterday, I tagged along with the parents up to the wilds of Agincourt in northeast Toronto for some grocery shopping. In the old days, if we had wanted to get our Asian foodstuffs, it would've meant a trip downtown to Chinatown on Dundas, east of Spadina. But nowadays with the influx of a huge number of Chinese and Korean immigrants over the decades, the trip is far shorter and more convenient. So our first stop was "Foody Mart", a Chinese supermarket. It's a huge place, replete with everything, including the infamously smelly durians to my left.
Fukushima Peach Pies

Foody Mart

The aisle for Japanese and Korean snacks
 Considering all that's happened in the past year to this Japanese prefecture, it was kinda nice seeing these Fukushima Peach Pies being sold...although they more than likely have tons of preservatives.

Nothing says "Toronto suburbs"more than a huge parking lot outside of a supermarket. I've seen a lot of things in Japan, but this isn't one of them. The only place close to this is perhaps the Costco in Chiba Prefecture.

For noshers like me, having this aisle is like the Yellow Brick Road to the Emerald City. I'm a huge sucker for rice crackers.

Peking Duck
Gotta have this display. I would love to have one of these adorning my dining room table someday, but my mother is a bit iffy.