Wednesday, March 28, 2012

The Browns of CTV

courtesy of RodTO
of Flickr
Wednesday March 28, 8:35 p.m.

It's been quite the day for CTV Toronto, especially when it comes to two of their own: Tom Brown and Lance Brown. Both the 6 o'clock news and CP24 were abuzz tonight about the happiest weathercaster in the GTA ending up on none other than "The Price is Right"this morning...or at least on an episode that had been taped last month while Tom and his daughter were on vacation in LA. Can you think of another broadcaster who would be more suited to appear on that show than Tom Brown? He seems to be on perpetual Red Bull, that guy. I think he even freaked Drew Carey out when he asked Brown about the weather in Toronto, and he got a full forecast. His face had that "Dude, tone it down!"look. Well, kudos to Tom, and hope he and the missus enjoy Costa Rica next year. To paraphrase something he always says every night, "It's hard to stop a Tom Brown!"

Now, for Lance. He achieved his own buzz today via TV and Twitter. This afternoon, the Twitterverse had a bit of a local blaze when folks within and without the Leaf Nation had quoted some reporter asking Captain Dion Phaneuf to the effect whether he was really worthy being called  a captain after the horrifying freefall of February and March. Some of the Twitterers wondered if the reporter had left the ACC with his teeth intact, a few openly called the reporter a jackass, and just one hailed the question. And it was asked by Lance Brown himself. To be honest, I think the Leafs should be more afraid of Lance than vice versa. He was NOT in a good mood tonight. He looked like a disappointed, angry father chewing out his errant kids. This wasn't the usual ruefully flippant "What are we gonna do?"report of a Canadian sportscaster in March. Nope, Lance was simmering openly on TV, even using "crap"on the air....albeit not exactly that taboo of a swear word nowadays. But it was plainly evident I was watching a new version of Don Cherry. As for seeing that question asked to Captain Phaneuf, nope, the defenceman didn't rearrange Lance's face but I wasn't sure what his reaction was; he kinda glared and then set his lower jaw in a clench...was he gonna explode or break down in tears? It may have been a harsh question, but one that needed to be asked.