Monday, March 12, 2012

Winter Cancelled On Account of Spring

Monday March 12, 5:06 p.m.

We broke records yesterday with the warmest March 11 in Toronto history....hit the big One-Six C. For this time of year, that's a sign of a heat wave. When I headed out for a few minutes to buy the paper at the nearest convenience store, I heard birds chirping, the sun was shining and an eerie sense of well-being consumed me....for a short time, anyways, then I remembered I was still jobless and the Leafs lost again....then I returned to my default misery.

Meanwhile, in this year's meteorological version of "Freaky Friday" starring Japan and Canada, my former country of residence was shivering with cold and avalanches had become a regular part of the news.

Locally for me, it's been a little better. My taxation proxy, Cozy, has been able to handle the processing of my final tax return to the Japanese government and he was able to get my somewhat suspicious former real estate agency to deposit the portion of my security deposit that I had been owed for my old apartment in Ichikawa City into my account...just in time for him to send off the return with my taxes. There will be some left over from my old account to send back to my PayPal as well. And I also got another translation assignment from him, although this is a smaller job. I'm gonna have to send him some sort of package to him to show my gratitude.