Tuesday, March 13, 2012


Tuesday March 13, 10:20 p.m.

This morning, I got the news from Cozy that I would be liable for one more year's worth of Residents' Tax to the Ichikawa government. I almost was on the verge of typing his head off in frustration since I'd been looking forward to that remaining amount from my bank account. Now, at this point, I will end up owing money to pay off my final debt. I sent a letter to the Canadian Embassy in Tokyo only to have them tell me that I should contact Ichikawa Tax Office directly. But I left a message on one of the Japan forums and got some useful, if not good, news. Apparently, the government calculates the Residents' Tax based on the previous year, so, yep, it looks like I gotta pay some more money.

If there is good news, I won't be getting the bill until June. That was always the case when I was living in Japan. And I'll have some time to make up the balance via Mr. Moriya's lessons and perhaps any other job I can scrape up. Not quite sure if I can still pay via installments like I did back in Japan.

Still not a happy state of affairs.