Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Fanshawe Fracas

Tuesday March 20, 1:13 p.m.

Last weekend, there was a horrible incident in London, Ontario at Fanshawe College in which a thousand or so young folk decided to go on some sort of drunken rampage. When I first saw the coverage on CTV, I thought the newscasters were talking about London, England where I would usually expect riots. I'd never heard of this Fanshawe College, but it looks like it's become infamous all around the planet now.

I took a look at the Facebook site for the college. There have been the usual messages of anger and horror, but there was one person who was taking a much more proactive, profane and defiant approach. It's all too easy to get on the dogpile and bandwagon and verbally crucify every Fanshawe student...one Neanderthal wrote down that the entire school should be closed down and the entire student body should be busted...according to Wikipedia, there are 55,000 students, part-time and full-time there...which is about the size of University of Toronto's St. George Campus. Supposedly, of the alleged one thousand rioters, a small fraction of them were actual Fanshawe students....out of 55,000.

Anyways, getting back to the proactive person, she was furious, and rightly so, at the trigger-happy self-righteousness of some of these messages. Yup, those students who were identified as being the bottlepelters and firebombers should be bagged and tagged, but to slather an entire city that had never experienced this sort of insanity as an instantaneous den of inquity is way too much sledgehammer. And again, a majority of the rioters were not even students there...maybe they were troublemakers from Toronto or some other region. The cops are gonna have to figure it out.