Thursday, March 15, 2012

More Tremors

courtesy of Yipski of Flickr
Thursday March 15, 2:07 p.m.

A little after the 1-year anniversary of the quake to wreck the Pacific coast of Japan, another couple of powerful jolts struck the area a couple of nights ago and only several hours apart. No reports of injuries thankfully, but the population, still jittery after 3/11, either held their breaths or headed for the hills lest another killer tsunami decided to head their way. There was one tsunami but it only measured 20 cm in height. Still, wits were plenty scared.
The crazy thing is that at the mandatory press conference, it was announced that the two tremors were classified as being aftershocks of the 3/11/11 quake! That's one delayed tremor! This morning on the NHK News, the top story was the consequential incidences of liquefaction that popped up like mushrooms all over the ground and streets along the coast. Solid pavement turned to chocolate pudding...just like that.
I remember walking in Odaiba which is the Tokyo trendy area built upon reclaimed land in Tokyo Bay. There are signs everywhere warning that the entirety of Odaiba will liquefy in the event of a strong quake. Before 3/11, they were probably not given much serious thought but now? At least 5 shopping malls, the Fuji-TV station complex, and many highrise condos exist there. The math is looking pretty ugly.