Sunday, March 18, 2012

Another Lazy Sunday

Sunday March 18, 11:36 a.m.

Got up for my usual bacon, eggs and waffles. I can eat...barely...runny eggs but really I'm more of a hard-boiled guy (in more ways than one). Tasting soft-boiled eggs just feels like I'm drinking down bodily fluids. There was that one episode of "Star Trek: The Next Generation" in which Captain Picard is being tortured by a Cardassian inquisitor (Chains of Command, Part II...just to show you how much of a Trekkie I am), and he is forced to drink down a Taspar egg despite his disgust since he has been starved. I just thought...yup, I can feel his pain there.

Speaking of TV, I barely watch much of it now. Frankly, it's just news (CP24, NHK, CTV) and hockey games. I wasn't that much more of a TV watcher in my last few years in Japan either but I thought I was a fairly faithful viewer of "NCIS", "Hawaii Five-O", and "Fringe". However, even more than crossing the International Date Line, there is another line I have to cross when I come back home, and it's that Japan's release of American TV shows is always at least a full season behind, and I'm simply not willing enough to take that much of a leap. I've basically given up on "Alcatraz"; the mystery there is just not all that engaging enough, even with Sam Neill in it. And it looks like I may not be alone in that assessment...ratings have been halved since the premiere back in January, and it's on the bubble. "Missing"with another big-screen star, Ashley Judd, started up a few nights ago. It looks like a mix between "The Bourne Identity"and a Tiger Mom.....I was still going back and forth between it and my music blog, so I'm not sure if I'm with the program quite yet. Still, to get back to my Trekkieness, I will always remember Judd 20 years ago as Ensign Robin Lefler on TNG. Yes, do get me a life!

courtesy of merkus at Flickr