Friday, March 9, 2012


"Sobauchi" refers to the pounding of the dough used to make the noodles.
 Friday March 9, 10:59 a.m.

Our second stop was J-Town, near Victoria Park and Steeles. Not easy to get to unless one has a car but the parking is far easier than going downtown to the old Furuya and Sanko stores.

J-Town is made up of several Japan-themed stores in an industrial park near IBM Canada. The supermarket there doesn't have anywhere near the ambience of a depachika of a Tokyo department store, but you can get your Japanese foodstuffs a price.

I would love to see the car that actually has this vanity plate.

Nothing like takoyaki. They're of course at their best when they're piping hot. These were out on the sample table for a while, but hey, I'll still take them. A lot of Japanese will bet on their ancestors' graves that the ones in Osaka are by far the best.
Takoyaki samples